Libby Truman

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Beauty Therapist & Salon Manager

Libby Truman

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Our Skilled Skin Specialist at Tonic with 14 years of experience as a Beauty Therapist, Libby has become an integral part of the Tonic team for the past 4 years. She is a highly trained skin specialist with a deep passion for utilising facials to enhance and improve various skin conditions.

Dedicated to helping her clients achieve healthy and radiant skin, Libby meticulously customises treatment plans to fit each individual's unique needs. Her extensive knowledge, both acquired through her years of experience and continuous professional development, has made her an invaluable and cherished member of the Tonic family.

Clients consistently commend Libby's ability to address their skincare concerns and deliver amazing results, making their experience at Tonic truly exceptional. Our skincare expert, Libby, warmly welcomes you to Tonic, where she is committed to helping you achieve the best possible version of your skin.

So, when you're ready for a transformative skincare experience, trust in Libby and her wealth of expertise. Thanks to her dedication and talent, you'll be on your way to the glowing complexion you've always desired!

In addition to her role as a skin specialist, Libby has also taken on the responsibility of Salon Manager at Tonic. Her exceptional ability to lead under Antonia guidance has helped maintain a harmonious and efficient working environment. Actively managing day-to-day operations, and ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction, Libby has proven herself to be an indispensable leader.

Her dual role showcases her versatile capabilities and highlights her commitment to upholding Tonic's exceptional standards. Whether you're meeting her as your skin specialist or as the Salon Manager, you can trust in Libby's expertise and dedication to create a memorable experience for every client who walks through our doors.

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